List your Vacation Internationale Timeshare

   We will list your Vacation Internationale Timeshare on our site at no cost to you.  Most sales sites charge you just to list your timeshare.  We believe that most owners wishing to sell are doing so in order to receive cash, not to spend more hoping for a sale.  We only charge if our site results in your getting a purchaser.

   In the event a purchaser decides to purchase your timeshare, we will collect a "deposit" from the purchaser which will be your ad fee and will be deducted from the purchase price.  The fee will be 15% of the purchase price not less than $250, and not more than $500.  If you own multiple timeshares that sell together, we will discount the ad fee.  Our website is normally at the top of Vacation Internationale Sales or Vacation Internationale Points on Google.